Green traffic light

Time to wake up?

Life’s wake-up calls Do you ever feel that life is coasting a long quite nicely when suddenly something unexpected gets in your …

The Tapestry Of Scotland

A Stitch in Time

The great tapestry of life! I just managed to make a visit to The Great Tapestry of Scotland in Paisley last week.

Kitchen timer

The 15 Minute Rule

It’s amazing what you can achieve in just 15 minutes!   How often do you put off doing something pretty major or …

Piece of rock candy


What are your personal values?  

Coloured jigsaw puzzle

Support not Solutions

Feeling stuck? When something is not working out for us we often start to figure out what the solution might be. I …


Are you becoming a work bore? Is there no time for anybody or anything else? Are you feeling exhausted and stretched to …


What would life be like for you if you really glowed, tingled or shimmered? This doesnʼt mean that you have to dowse …


What does your daily “to do” list look like?     If you are needing some strategies to manage your time and …


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