Support not Solutions

Feeling stuck?

When something is not working out for us we often start to figure out what the solution might be. I am sure that you have experienced this before. Maybe this is you NOW?

We can spend a huge amount of our mental energy trying to come up with THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER.

To those around us we seem distracted, lost in our thoughts, disengaged, unapproachable, frustrated and possibly short-tempered.

And for you this means that you might be losing sleep, having the same old thoughts running through your mind, feeling you have to work harder to find the elusive answer or get frustrated as you feel so stuck.

Maybe what you need is not a solution but the appropriate support to get you there.

Sometimes talking to friends, family or work colleagues doesn’t help that much. You hear their suggestions and then conflicts arise when you don’t follow their advice.

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But when you have the support from somebody neutral who can ask you questions in a safe environment then you are more likely to find solutions. The solution will be one that works for YOU which in turn means that you can work things through in your own time.

If you are fed up trying to figure it out on your own then I might be able to help you.

My role is not to tell you how to lead your life but what I do offer is support to help you figure out what the best solution looks like for you.


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