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Hi, I am Alison Finlay, the founder of FinlayKirkman Coaching and Development. I am a certified business coach, guide, mentor and Kinesiopractor® who believes in living life to the full.

I help people like you to identify and explore your unique skill set so that you achieve your full potential both professionally and personally.

It’s really about giving you permission to be the best you can ever dream of being. And utlimately, all of my work is about helping people transition through change.

You might be our solopreneur, a small business owner or a service provider. But you are certainly a person who wants to enjoy what you are doing.

You might also be an individual who is totally proactive and wants to take responsibility for your direction in life.

What makes me different in the work that I do is that I help you to recognise what your “personal brand” is so that you can leverage this into your world.

People usually come to me for help but what they really walk away with is a way to help themselves.


My story

I haven’t always been a business owner. For a little over 10 years I worked in the corporate world as a product and brand marketeer. In this role, I headed up small teams with big aspirations and had loads of fun working with inspirational creative agencies. Those aspirations successfully led to winning creative and design awards.

But I was always hankering after a different way of being and was frustrated about the multi-layers and time frames required to instigate a change. In 1999, I jumped at the chance of redundancy as a tremendous opportunity. I took the plunge to pursue my passion in order to help other people find their direction and passion too.

I had became really interested in the world of personal development and love finding out about people. This led me to retrain in a more holistic discipline.

I am now a qualified coach, career guide and Kinesiopractor®, the only one in Scotland.  Over the years I seen hundreds of clients and I’ve advised and coached them to more gratifying and fulfilling lives.

I am based in Glasgow. I enjoy time with family, friends, golfing, walking, travelling, gardening, being creative, cooking, eating, reading and connecting with other like minded people.



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