What would more confidence give you?

Can you imagine what you would do if you felt more confident in your life?

Clients often tell me they want to feel more confident. Yet when you start to unpick what confidence means to each person then you might find a whole list of reasons.

Maybe one of these sounds like you:

  • I want to apply for an internal job promotion
  • I want to leave my job and do something different
  • I want to try something new
  • I want to say to them what I honestly feel but don’t know how to do that
  • I want to say “No”
  • I want to stand up for myself
  • I want to do things differently
  • I want to feel confident making a presentation
  • I want to challenge the thinking round here
  • I want to prove how good I am
  • I want to show other people that I know what I’m doing

And you might want it for something completely different. What would that be?

Yesterday, I heard Glenn Widelko mention some stuff from his book – The Stretch Zone which is all about Confidence. He distilled what confidence equals and says,

It’s about being yourself, being authentic and having self belief.

It might also be about finding your voice and being heard.

Girl with arms in air showing confidence


Confidence is often an inner battle concerned with the absence of uncertainty – the voice you hear is actually your voice telling you you can’t do something and nobody else’s. The doubts you have are your doubts and nobody else’s. By the way you have the option to listen to that inner voice or not.

I’ve found personally and with clients who come for a Kinesiology Balance that taking some time out to talk about your fears and doubts actually reduces them. Maybe it’s the whole thing about sharing them with somebody else.

Confidence doesn’t always guarantee results!

Plus creating that safe place to explore options and come up with new habits feels fantastic and takes away that sometimes challenging internal yucky feeling. No point in carrying that around –  is there?

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