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One of the challenges for any new business is finding time to think about the business while also keeping the momentum of growth, being creative and running the business. The saying is you end up working in the business and not on it.

You initially have lists of things to do, such as buying stock, researching potential customers, social media and promoting your products, but how do you get new sales and start to grow? There is so much to do, it’s hard to make the time to reflect on your business and develop new idea.

Here’s where a mentor comes in. Since the end of last year I’ve been working with an amazing organisation called WEvolution where I mentor women in business. WEvolution offer support to get businesses to the next stage of business growth through The Leap Programme.


In the programme mentors agree to work with mentees for 6 months, enabling the talking through of new ideas, facilitating the learning from others and planning the next step for each business. The mentors are experienced business women who can relate individually to each mentee to allow the development of skills to help businesses grow. The Leap Programme is flexible and meetings take place face-to-face, over Skype or phone at times to suit. With my mentee we’ve done most of our sessions over the phone. I might have been a bit sceptical about this approach but it works amazingly well.

Gillian, 5 Mummies Make SRG, recently went through the programme, “Since beginning the Leap Programme with my mentor I have grown immensely in confidence in my products. Working with Alison has enabled me to have more faith in my work and price products accordingly. I have become more efficient in my productivity through support with scheduling tasks and setting deadlines. I am able to bounce ideas off a person with an array of knowledge in different business settings that has dramatically altered the way I view and run my small handmade bespoke card business ‘Handmade by Gillian Miller‘”

WEvolution are always on the look out for inspiring mentors so if you think you might be able to help then drop me a line or get in touch with Julie Hall, Development Coordinator at WEvolution who will be happy to chat over the criteria with you.

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