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time pdfWhat does your daily “to do” list look like?

Like most women your list is probably as long as your arm. You would seriously have to be Superwoman to even think about achieving half of what’s there. Sound like you?

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Women are so guilty of over-scheduling, over-committing and multi-tasking. Doing this well is a great strength but sometimes it is not sustainable.

It adds to our stress levels and leads to adrenal exhaustion. That’s when your adrenal glands have been pumping out so much adrenaline to help you cope with the high gear state, that your body is under too much pressure.

How often do you promise yourself to get up earlier to do extra things when nobody else is about just so you can squeeze in some extra time? But in the end you are just too exhausted.

Or do you stay behind after work to tidy things up so that you can have a clear desk or is it a clear conscience?

Are you the person tidying your house late into the evening when the kids are in bed when you could be relaxing and winding down before you go to go to bed to try and get to sleep?

No wonder you are awake all night? You don’t allow the kids to have computer games when they should be winding down, but high-level activity is OK for you?

Do you find that rushing around means that you begin to make mistakes as you are not fully paying attention?

Do other people struggle to keep up with you?

Have you learnt to do things at break-neck speed simply to get them done?

Where does the pleasure come from in being fully present here and now if you are just going through the motions of being a human doing rather than a human being?

Having this hectic pace often leads to showing up late for appointments. We make excuses but our energy becomes chaotic and that infects the people in our lives.

Have you noticed how this frantic energy changes your voice and its tone?

Do you ever get accused of being abrupt, uncaring, detached, aloof?

Life flows so much better when we are really present in the moment – no distractions.

Have you noticed how other people respond much better to you when you engage totally rather than partially?

My suggestion for the endless list writing is to have your list but to pick the three things that you would be most happy to have completed today or this week.

Doing them well and with good intention is so rewarding. Celebrate the successes and focus on what you have achieved and what has gone well for you and for the other people involved.

Like everything else, this does take a little practice, so here are a few thing to help you make the changes:

• Live in the moment, be fully present

• Really listen to other people – engage totally

• Schedule time for you in the diary as you would for any other appointment and stick to it

• Give yourself plenty of time to get to appointments

• Schedule a set amount of time to do a task – phone timers are great for this – when timeʼs up move on

• Breathe deeply and relax

• Listen to your voice and make sure it is sounding calm



If you are needing some strategies to manage your time and commitment then Iʼd love to hear from you.

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