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Is work taking over your life?

Are you becoming a work bore?

Is there no time for anybody or anything else? Are you feeling exhausted and stretched to your limits?

Are you treading a fine line between throwing yourself into a good opportunity to develop your skills and talents and it being totally destructive for you and the people around you?

The impact of a work-dominated lifestyle on you and your body is dis-stress and dis-ease.

Possibly you are feeling some of the effects already.

I am sure you will be able to spot one or more of these symptoms:

• No time for family or friends

• Not eating well or eating at weird times

• Digestive problems

• Not sleeping properly

• Hormonal imbalances

• Scheduling months in advance

• Skin problems

• Feeling disconnected

• Not sure where you belong or fit in any more

• Anxious

• Short tempered and snappy

The fact is that we are still operating in a difficult economic climate and that puts pressure on all of us to perform, to keep our job, to be the best and to stay on top of our game.

The world of work has changed. With fewer people to do the work there is greater expectation on us to deliver, potentially at a personal cost.

The urban myth is that there is a glut of people in the labour market as good as or better than you ready to fill your boots if you donʼt perform.

So you may be feeling like a human doing and not a human being.

Often, it takes those nearest and dearest to point things out. They complain they never see enough of you. They feel they get the dregs of you, like the coffee granules left at the bottom of a cup.

For you, this means being pulled in the direction of guilt. And then there is the “Oh, My God” moment, when you ask yourself what you are doing.

Perhaps you start to resent the job. Maybe you feel like a little kid on the beach, paddling along the foreshore, when the most almighty wave comes along and knocks you off balance. You feel overwhelmed, suffocated and shocked. How do you cope and what do you do next?

Alternatively you could be the person who is suffering from adrenal exhaustion. Your adrenals are glands that release hormones to regulate your stress response. So if you are juggling a hectic schedule, or faced with any other kind of stress, you will be firing off a lot of “fight or flight” hormones from your adrenals.

Basically this means that you are dead tired and struggle to manage your response to stress which manifests in physical, emotional and mental problems. It can frequently make it hard to switch off when you do get to take a break.

All this is not painting a particularly attractive picture. Possibly you say to yourself you will deal with you when such-and-such is finished or done. However, this ends up being like a deadline that comes and goes and your needs donʼt get met.

If this sounds like you then it is time to act now. Delay risks compounding the problem and that takes longer to fix. People ask how long will it take for something to go. My answer is how long did it take you to get like this? Therefore it can take some time for you to make some changes and reverse the problem.

The most important thing is to take some action NOW.

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