What are your personal values?

I did an exercise recently that asked me to really think about my personal values. These are the things that you believe are important in the way that you think and work.

My value cards
Here are my value cards!

They kind of help you to determine your priorities and enable you to measure if your life is going the way you want it to.

When you know what your values are it can make life a lot easier. When you have your list it means that you can make plans and decisions that honour your values.

As you move through life your values might change and you decide when they need an upgrade – just like upgrading computer software.

Imagine you are a stick of rock – cut through it and your words and values are still there for all to see all along the length of the rock!Piece of rock candy

When your values are not clearly defined this can have a big impact on your life and goals.

e.g. If a couple of your values are fairness and balance, then you could get majorly stressed if your boss picked you out to do the the bulk of a new project that required you to work so hard that you never saw your family.

Here’s a short list of some 50 values.

What ones seem to fit you best? What ones make you cringe?  Pick your top 5?

  1. Ability
  2. Abundance
  3. Achievement
  4. Adaptability
  5. Affection
  6. Assertiveness
  7. Audacity
  8. Balance
  9. Boldness
  10. Calmness
  11. Certainty
  12. Commitment
  13. Confidence
  14. Creativity
  15. Determination
  16. Dignity
  17. Discernment
  18. Empathy
  19. Exactness
  20. Fairness
  21. Faith
  22. Grace
  23. Gratitude
  24. Happiness
  25. Harmony
  26. Imagination
  27. Ingenuity
  28. Joy
  29. Justice
  30. Leadership
  31. Mindfulness
  32. Modesty
  33. Motivation
  34. Optimism
  35. Originality
  36. Peacefulness
  37. Perseverance
  38. Respect
  39. Security
  40. Silence
  41. Solidarity
  42. Thankfulness
  43. Timeliness
  44. Truth
  45. Understanding
  46. Virtue
  47. Warmth
  48. Willingness
  49. Wisdom
  50. Zeal

Struggling to figure out what values are important to you? Then please drop me a line.



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