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sparkle words pdf What would life be like for you if you really glowed, tingled or shimmered?

This doesnʼt mean that you have to dowse yourself in fluorescent pink dye and walk about the streets getting strange looks!

Instead the big question is – how often do you look at yourself in the mirror and think

I can’t really face what I need to do today.

However, you do your best to do your hair, put on a bit of lippy, stick some bling on and hope that that will do the trick. And sometimes it does.

Sure dressing well and looking good is the external part. Like the packaging on a fantastic box of really expensive chocolates.

Fantastic box of chocolates
Photo Credit: Kobyakov

But do they taste as good as the outside would lead you to believe or are your left feeling a bit short-changed?

True sparkle doesnʼt really come from our external appearance but from how we feel about our inner self.

When our inner world is not so good we often do everything we can to avoid taking time to make it better.

For example, thereʼs the paradox of wanting to be sociable but not feeling up to it. So you withdraw and then feel as if you are Billy No Mates. You itch to pick up the phone,get on Facebook or Twitter simply just to connect and feel you belong again.

When you acknowledge that your sparkle has gone, then you are on your way to finding ways to change how you feel about you inside.

This is about your self worth. How well do you believe you manage your work life, your personal life or both? Are you feeling your confidence has taken a nose dive? If so, it can be really hard to get back to the level that you were at before.

If it means doing something to get back to a good place then what can do you to energise yourself?


Try this!
For just a moment could you think of three things that you love doing? How recently have you done any of them? Would it be possible to schedule one in and soon? How does your energy feel now thinking about that?


It also helps to remember a time in the past when your mojo was great! When was that? What did you like about yourself then? How did it feel? What’s changed and how can you reconnect with that feeling?

Itʼs good to help your brain to remember the time and the feelings. When you are able to connect with this time it raises your vibrational energy and your mood.

When you get your sparkle back you will be surprised at what good stuff you attract in to your life.

When you sparkle it feels like youʼve been dusted down and everybody wants to spend time with you. Compliments fly your way, you get noticed, you feel more lucky and happy. People begin to say “thereʼs something different about you – a certain je ne sais quoi“ and that feeling is amazing.

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