Out with the old and in with the new

Time to let go?

I am just back from a lovely week golfing in Turkey.  The weather was fantastic and it was great to play in heat and on ground that was firm and not soggy.

I had to make a couple of purchases when I was away. The most important of which was a new pair of golf shoes.

I have to admit that I loved my old shoes. They had been comfy and I liked their style. I can’t imagine how many miles I had actually walked in them over the last 2 years. But every time I play it is at least 3 – 4 miles so it must have been in the hundreds.  Go figure! Truth was they were coming apart at the soles and the lining had worn away. Time to head to the golf shop!

Picture of my new golf shoes
A peek at the brand new ones I picked!

But I was concerned that the fit of a new pair might not be so good, that they might hurt my feet, that I would get loads of blisters. So much for positive thinking!

But, I know that technology changes so fast. This means that materials and manufacturing advances are huge – even in two years.  Anyway, it was time for an upgrade.

And the good news is I had a really positive experience. I love them, they fit well and are super comfy.

But what to do with the old ones – keep them as a spare pair or bin them?

For many of us it’s hard to let go of the things that we like most. Possessions that we treasure or that provide us with great memories.

Truth is we have so much clutter and stuff. I was listening to an old interview that Dan Pink did with Oprah where he said “ isn’t amazing that there’s a whole industry that has sprung up so people can store excess stuff – Self Storage?”

Did I really need spare pair to clutter up a cupboard? My mantra this year has been to get rid of things that I no longer need. Whether that’s passing them on or taking them to the charity shop.

I realized, It was time to get rid of what was previously comfy, past its sell by date and move on.

My question to you is  – what is it that you need to let go of? This could be something that was once useful to you, somebody, some place or simply just an old way of being that no longer serves you?

How much better would you feel without this thing cluttering up your life?


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