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What flower essence could help you?

I love flower essences and think I’ve probably been using them for more than 20 years now. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I loved growing plants and herbs when I was younger and still do. Nature somehow seems to energise and nourish me.

I suppose I was receptive to working with essences because of an earlier childhood experience.

I used to suffer from really bad eczema until my early teens. I would see a dermatologist who prescribed all sorts of potions and creams to help make it better.  I remember It was always horrendous during the night as my itchy skin would wake me up.

My Mum decided to take a more holistic approach and took me to see an amazing German homeopath called Dr. Hennessy.  At the time I never realised that it was another German called Samuel Hahnemann who first started homeopathy.

Anyway, she was an amazing, elderly yet wise woman who asked me lots of strange questions about myself – did I like salty or sweet, dry or wet, hot or cold? I knew homeopathy worked for me as my skin was so much better.

Now I know, through my training, that the skin is the biggest organ of elimination and absorption.  There was clearly something imbalanced within me that was manifesting in my skin! Something wanted out!

Flower essences therefore kind of followed on for me. I consider myself to be pretty emotional – people think I’m cool and calm and I suppose I am on the outside.  But like the proverbial duck there’s a lot going on beneath the surface that not many people get to see. But boy do I feel it!



I know there’s a powerful link between my feelings which then impact on my way of thinking and which then affects my physical body.

The flower essences absolutely help me feel better. I know my thinking is more positive and my body doesn’t ache or complain as much. To be honest, I feel more balanced.

I take essences because maybe I’m worrying about something coming up e.g. right now I have a presentation to prepare for next week, to deliver in a strange place and to an audience I don’t know.

Living Essences of Australia Flower Essences and Cards
Living Essences of Australia Flower Essences and Cards

I take them because I’m aware that I’m feeling stressed, out of sorts, fearful, worried or anxious about something or somebody.

Once I’ve found the right essences for me  – and yes there can be more than one – I definitely feel more balanced and energised.

But I also see how they help my clients. It’s just magical when we find one that seems to absolutely capture how they’ve been feeling and how they could feel by taking the essence.

The essences I have usually come with a book or a leaflet that describes what the flower’s properties are. They also show how the person might be feeling in a negative state and how the person could feel in the positive state by taking the essence.

What could a flower essence help you with? How do you want to feel different?

You can probably tell I’m excited to share my experience with essences.  That’s because I know how powerful and transformative they are and I want more people to experience that.

As a result I’ve been working on a short e-course that will talk more about the flower essences. More specifically what they are, how they can help you and your family and how you pick the best ones for you.

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