Is there a space for reflection in your life?

When did you last spend some time naval gazing? Well, I don’t mean literally! However,I found myself being asked a similar kind of question by a client recently. He wanted to know just how much genuine time I spent reflecting. I pondered the request for a bit and then said something like “well, quite a bit of time but I wish it could be more”. Then said, “what about you?”

Then this happened. You know that weird thing when somebody brings something to your attention?  As if by magic the theme of reflection seemed to come up repeatedly with one client after the other. Just like when you think of buying a particular model of car that you didn’t think was popular, but now your awareness is tuned in, you see them everywhere.

For me the theme of reflection has popped into my field of vision and I’ve thought a lot about what it might mean. Right now it’s got me hooked!
June 2016 - Time for Reflection
You see life can be a bit like an old fashioned filing cabinet – a couple of drawers open, files stuffed full, others not so full, papers filed in the wrong place, historical information taking up valuable space that’s no longer relevant and drawers that get jammed stuck under the groaning weight of stuff you daren’t throw out because you just might need it someday.



Let’s pause and take the filing cabinet as a metaphor for you, your life or whatever’s going on in your head. Every now and then we need to regroup, cull some old thoughts and make some space. Doesn’t that notion of space feel so liberating and potentially calming?

June 2016 - Filing Cabinet
Photo Credit: Sanatana

I reckon the time most of us choose to do some decluttering of our mind is only during our holidays which are supposed to be for relaxing and chilling out.  And don’t think for one moment that a declutter a couple of times a year cuts it! I’m talking of a daily or weekly habit here.

OK, but then it’s not meant to be a chore and how on earth do you fit it in? Remember reflection time is about space on your own with no distractions.  For you, maybe that’s first thing in the morning, during lunchtime (remember that time of day?) or on your journey home.

I find getting away from the computer and my desk is great.  What’s best for me is making time for a short walk which clears my head and helps to give me some perspective and clarity on what I’ve left behind.

Reflection time doesn’t have to be convoluted – there’s no prescribed time duration or specific place to do it. Doing it is all that matters. I can guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot more spacious and receptive to new opportunities. Plus I reckon you’ll have a lot more inner peace and ease.

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