How would you like more balance in your life?

Creating Inner Balance

In our hectic 24/7 world it’s not easy for us as human beings to maintain balance in our lives. We are continually bombarded by tasks, images, people, family, friends, social media and loads more.

Creating time out and away from all this hectic sometimes feels totally self indulgent and can possibly make you feel just a tad guilty. You know that feeling when you say to yourself – “I should be doing that email, calling that person or going some place.” But you just can’t face it – that’s when you’re not able pull yourself together and you need a time out!

I remember years ago that every time I went on holiday I used to get sick. I was like a muscle switched on all the time that was strained, got on holiday and the muscle relaxed and I got ill.

My body’s stress hormones were having to do too much work to keep me going in my day job that the adrenaline ran out when I was away. I was constantly in a state of fight or flight and this was not good for me.






Girl in bed under duvet
Photo Credit: Richards

Often the body says to us “NO MORE”! You get a cold or sore throat or a bad tummy or your sleeping pattern is rubbish. But do you take heed or simply soldier on?

The irony is that when you make time for yourself and enjoy the moment – nowadays this is called mindfulness – you feel so much more energised. And with all that energy you can whizz through your to do list in jig time!

But what I’ve discovered is that balance looks different for each of us. For some a walk in nature is invigorating, for others it’s their worst nightmare. A jog might be your thing or a work out at the gym or is it yoga or reading a book?

If it’s been some time since you figured out what keeps you in balance then take just a few moments to write down the things you love to do. Then ask yourself when did you last do some of the things on your list?

Bottles of "Balance"water
Mineral water with added flower essences for balance


If creating inner balance is a challenge for you then I’m sure you’ll be interested in a short e-course that I’m launching in a few weeks time on Creating Balance with Flower Essences. In it you’ll find out what they are, how they work and how to pick ones for you.

The flower essences are amazing. They:

  • help you to get back in to balance
  • deal with your reactions to the stuff that stresses you out the most
  • help you feel calmer and more peaceful
  • and most importantly are totally natural

In fact I’m going to be working on a series based on Creating Balance.

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