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Nourishment usually conjures up images of the food we make and eat or, perhaps, it’s the type of moisturizing cream we slap on our face to feed our skin.

The truth is nourishment is more than that, it’s about what supports us.

It’s about the choices we make in order to survive. Survive? Or really what makes our body work to its optimum level. However, an optimum level feels scary and sounds simply like too much hard work. Could we ever sustain operating at this level?

 But nourishment = everything we take in   

This means what we absorb through our skin, our mind, from our environment, from people, from our actions and reactions, and pretty much everything around us. Basically what feeds us.

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But it’s impossible to surround ourselves with only positive things to absorb, so how do we cope? Do we have a night club bouncer hanging out with us that helps to defend us from the undesirable stuff entering our energy field? No. Then, can you discriminate on your own? Easier said than done.


If we absorb a lot of what is around us then how much of other people’s energy do you take in? What’s mine and what’s theirs? Do you know? How does it affect you? Many of us end up taking on board too many responsibilites on behalf of others that make us worried and anxious.  Are you the “go-to person” for everybody else, Mrs Fixer? Does that teach them how to choose to nourish themselves? Or does it leave them dependent on YOU?

Picture of SweetsTaking too much negative stuff on board leaves us depleted and needing a quick fix. The kind of quick fix that finds us eating chocolate, sugar, drinking fizzy drinks, alcohol or doing some hard core physical exercise, in fact, anything that will give us an instant hit or lift. Which one do you pick? In a way, it doesn’t matter, that lift is shockingly temporary and the longer result is our diet gets out of balance and we feel bad as we are making the wrong food choices.

Nourishment, for me, is thinking about the good stuff that I want to have to fill up my energy tanks. Think of a deep sea diver with oxygen tanks on his back. If you are not refilling your energy tanks with good stuff, you are surviving on fresh air! And that’s not going to last too long, is it?

Here are my top sources of nourishment 

  • Good quality sleep
  • Good food – fresh, in season and organic if you can
  • Water
  • Positive self talk kindly to yourself the way you would to a child
  • Plan and schedule in some time for you – make it happen
  • Switch off the technological devices and escape for at least 20 minutes a day
  • Plan breaks and holidays
  • Be aware of the situations and people that affect your energy levels
  • Visualize and imagine the bad can’t get in and that you are protected
  • Breathe – deeply, no shallow breaths

How would you be different if you could incorporate a couple of these each day?

Do you need help to make nourishing choices? I’d love to hear from you, as I can help you.

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