Making Dreams Come True

How do you make a dream come true?

I was away recently on a trip to Belgium and France.  The purpose was to share, as a family, one of the goals on my Dad’s bucket list. That was to visit where his Uncle, age 19, was killed in France in World War 1.

The trip was special as it was made up of three generations of my family. We all flew to Brussels and took the train down to Ypres (French) or Ieper (Belgium).

What made it so special was that we enlisted the help of a local guide – surprisingly with the same surname as ourselves. His research enabled us to understand more about the events that happened to my great Uncle and his regiment on 10th July 1918.

Trinkets from Scotland
Mementos from family in Scotland


Luckily, we were able to visit the Commonwealth War Cemetery where he was buried. Our visit was emotional and we each had brought a memento from Scotland to leave behind.




Menin Gate, Ypres
Last Post at the Menin Gate, Ypres


The reality of what took place for many families around that time was chilling.  We were amazed by the care and attention that all the cemeteries received.  We were touched by the ceremony that takes place every night  at 8pm at the Menin Gate every where the last post is played, an eerie reminder of the men and boys that lost their lives.


Getting back to the concept of the bucket list which was highlighted in the 2007 movie featuring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman called the Bucket List.

It made me think about what might be on mine. What would be on yours? I know that people say if you have goals and write them down then there is more of a chance of them being realised. So if this turns you on, I have found a couple of web sites where you can create your own Bucket List.

If you have ever had a Kinesiology balance you’ll know that we work together to find a specific goal for each session.  Goals can be something you want to work on now or something you aspire to achieve in the future or beyond. I always ask, if you achieved that, then how would your life be different or how would you be different? This often means you come up with a different answer. Invariably, that’s what you want and it becomes the goal.

The concept of having a goal, dream or a wish list is important as often we need a purpose or an intention to keep us motivated and to give us direction. If you are struggling to get specific about your goals then book in for a FREE 15 minute chat. You never know it might just be what you need!



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