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Do you give yourself what you deserve or are you on a starvation diet?

Do you find it easier to give than to receive?

We often spend our time longing for a specific thing in our life – the ideal job, relationships, partner, family, holiday, house, car or the perfect body.

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We are all different. Either you enjoy the challenge of getting there and value what you achieve, or it is a hard struggle and the prize at the end does not deliver what you thought it would.

Then there is the quick hit of maybe buying something naughty – first there’s the initial satisfaction which is short lived before guilt or justification kicks in. Result, we feel empty and disappointed.

I believe that what we really want is not easy to put into words – it’s the feelings that money can’t really buy. It’s not stuff that we want, but a different feeling inside, something that makes us feel embarrassed and vulnerable even to begin to explain.

But what if you could have that feeling inside? What if it was closer than you think?

Imagine you could give yourself the perfect gift that would create those yearned-for feelings.

Just what would it look like – that thing that would reveal your abilities and talents for everybody to see?

I bet you know the perfect gift to get for somebody else, but that perhaps what you want for your own life isn’t so clear.

Do you believe that you deserve something really good for you? Can you have it, can you own it? Our self-limiting beliefs and our self-worth determine how well we accept gifts as well as compliments from other people.

Imagine a beautiful, gift wrapped box being delivered to your front door especially for you. What would it be like, what size would it be, what would you do with it, what would be in it? Just for you?

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If you could open it up and look inside, how would that make you feel? How would that change your life?

If you’d like to explore what that missing ingredient is for you then I can help. I can work with you to move through change.

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