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Most of us have two families to consider – that’s the one you have come from and the one that you have created round about you now. Essentially you could say it’s the one that you inherit and the one you create.

Both have different demands on who you are, your time and your energy.

Our birth family knows us as we were, what we are by instinct and by nature because of the shared circumstances of our upbringing. This is part of our blueprint. But as we mature and grow and experience life we choose whether we follow a similar path or whether we develop a new way of being.

This can inevitably create conflict between the family you come from and the one you have now made your own as you do things differently.

Managing both families’ expectations is a task in itself and one we can struggle with.

Thinking about your own family unit can be challenging especially if you are working and have a lot to juggle. How do you continue to be a successful person at work if your home life is chaotic? The pressure to be both a good parent and co-worker is intense. And does that even leave any time for you? Are your needs always at the end of the queue?

Where do your loyalties lie – work, family, or supporting yourself? Is this just too much of a juggle that creates a whole lot of internal conflict and disharmony?

May Balance

By nature we like to feel a sense of belonging. Historically that would have been to a tribe or, in Scotland, to a clan. Sure, there might have been some disputes but a tribe – or family – would also have looked after its own as well.

Families can be fun, can stretch you to your limits whilst at the same time being your biggest area for growth. They can also feel like a big responsibility full of obligation and duty.

For many people I sense that they feel a lot of guilt about their family:

• Not spending enough time with specific family members

• No time to play/interact with the kids

• It’s been ages since you had time to see that aunt who loves your visits as she’s on her own

• Too many late nights at the office

• Working too hard

• Over-scheduling and either not making gatherings or being late

• Family members who live too far away and it’s too difficult to visit them

• Doing stuff because you have to and not because you want to

• Things are expected of you but you are too exhausted by your own stuff

Wouldn’t it be great to let all that stuff go and just enjoy the people that are around you? How would you feel if you could get more balance and react more positively?

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