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School or University exams?

Taking any opportunity to study!
Taking any opportunity to study! Photo Credit: FreeImages.com/Sanja Gjenero

It doesn’t matter if it is school or university exams or any kind of test, it’s a stressful time for you. If you are the one sitting the exams it is tough but it is not easy for friends and family around us who want us to do well. Exam season is often when the weather is just about to get better and your are stuck inside with your nose in a book wishing they were over and you were free!

I am sure that with enough time studying you will know your stuff. However, the bit that challenges us the most is turning up and performing on the day of the exam under exam pressure.

The exam situation is like any other test where we just want to convince others that we know our stuff.  Job interviews and driving tests are just as nerve racking.

How can Kinesiology help?

Kinesiology is brilliant as it can help in a couple of ways. Firstly, it can help with the integration of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. You see you need both parts of the brain to be talking and working together.  In very simple terms the left brain is to do with logic and detail and the right brain is to do with the emotions and the big picture.

If say, you are writing and essay, then you need both brains to come and join the party – the right to help you have an overview of what you are saying and the left brain to help with the detail to fit into the big picture. Sometimes what happens is that under stress they don’t work so well together. In this case, we can get stuck in one brain or other – either too much logic and detail or otherwise we feel panicky and get overwhelmed.

The Kinesiologist, that’s me, can’t actually go and sit the exam for you.  What I can do is help you with a number of things to help maintain brain integration.

Here are a few quick exercises to help you prepare.

The first thing to do is to point in five fingertips of one hand around your navel, thumb up and hold your hand there for the next three steps:

  1. For left/right balance – massage in the hollows just below the collar bone on either side of the breast bone

    Kinesiology correction for left/right brain balance
  2. For up/down balance – massage above and below the lips

    Kinesiology correction for top/bottom brain balance
  3. For back/front balance – massage your coccyx/tail bone

    coccyx e
    Kinesiology correction for back/front brain balance

Please also make sure that you drink plenty of water as this improves concentration and coordination.

I mentioned that there was something else Kinesiology could help with. That’s to do with our reactions and how we feel about being under pressure and sitting the exam.  So although Kinesiology can’t remove the event as such, what it can help with is how you deal with it.  Most people want to feel relaxed, confident and be able to demonstrate their knowledge effectively.

Success Stories

I have worked with many clients over the 17 years I have been a Kinesiologist and I am always pleased to have their feedback. I have some great stories about young people who have managed to get great results at school where it was no way a foregone conclusion and who then have gone on to higher education. Kinesiology has been great for driving tests as well as it can help with muscle coordination, postural stress and brain integration.

Get in touch

If you want your exam season to go well or need help preparing for your driving test or next job interview then I would love to hear from you. It’s much better to have a face to face session but if that is not possible then I am happy to help you out over Skype.  Look forward to hearing from you.


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