Eclipse Season

Lunar & solar eclipses this month – Eclipalipse*

*According to Grazia Magazine, 14th April 2014. P11

I have more than a passing interest in astrology. And that’s not just the stuff we see in the newspapers or womens’ magazine. It’s something I have been studying for nearly 9 years now. It was my Mum that first got me interested. She did some classes with a Glasgow astrologer called Anne Whittaker.

I never managed to get to Anne’s classes although she did read my chart but I was fortunate enough to be able to go to monthly meetings of a local astrology group. It was there that I enquired about classes and have been fortunate to study under my existing teacher Maggi Wilson. I have also done several workshops with other inspiring teachers. My interests lie in the field of medical astrology and vocational astrology (career). Both these branches fit with my work as a Kinesiologist and Career Coach.

moon jpeg

This month is eclipse month with a lunar eclipse on 15th April – at the time of a full moon in libra and a solar eclipse on 29th April – at the time of the new moon in taurus. I often find that my practise is busy when the heavens are at their most busiest as the planets seem to have that kind of effect on us. And I am sure this month will be no different! These planetary configurations are destinated to impact a number of us!

Astrology is not something you learn about overnight – it’s complex and it is experiential. That means that the astrologer has to experience the planets themselves and how they relate to their own chart in order to understand how they work out for other people. They say that astrology is an art and a science although, I know, many scientists disagree. But like I say it takes time to learn about it.

Astrology has been around for hundreds and hundreds of centuries. I recently did a workshop with an America astrologer Dr. Ben Dykes who was teaching us principles that had been used in Persian times. The roots of astrology go way back and we know that many civilizations have used the stars and planets as their guiding principles. That’s what I like about it – a guiding principle that has been around for a really long time. One, I believe that is worth paying more than a little attention to!

I would be interested to hear how you feel the eclipses impact you this month.


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